An appointment
with beauty: cultural tour
in the Castelli Romani

4 days/3 nights

Visiting an enigmatic archaeological complex overlooking the Eternal City, the remains of the Latin city that challenged Rome, the residence built in the sixteenth century by a powerful cardinal on what remained of a Roman villa, the gardens and rooms that housed the popes for centuries, the historic building designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, which currently houses the International Baroque Museum. How many other places can boast such a concentration of wonders within a few kilometres? What we propose is a 4-day “full immersion” in history. Moreover, we will have time to enjoy unique local cuisine.

We will lead you through the history of the Castelli Romani, indeed, much more ancient than Rome, as testified by its archaeological heritage. The history of an area that, for the beauty of its landscapes and for its warm and healthy climate, has been a favourite place for summer holidays since the time of the ancient Romans.

Day 1
Accommodation at a country resort near Frascati with welcome aperitif. Dinner in Frascati at a typical restaurant.

Day 2
Guided tours at Villa Mondragone and Barco Borghese in Monte Porzio Catone. Lunch at a country house near Frascati well known for its production of aromatic herbs, tour of the farm. In the afternoon, guided tour of Frascati and the archaeological area of Tusculum. To follow, a wine tour and dinner at a winery in the area.

Day 3
Guided Tour of Castel Gandolfo with a visit to the Vatican Gardens and the Apostolic Palace. Lunch based on organic products from the Pope’s farm. In the afternoon, wine tour and pizza workshop with dinner at a winery.

Day 4
Guided tour at the International Baroque Museum located at Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia.

Product of “Fability” and “Graffiti Sotto la Lente”; tour operator CCIA 795100 – Aut. Trib. Roma 4461/94