A day to discover the winemaking tradition with the Castelli Romani Wine Bus. In this area the cultivation of the wine and the processing of its fragrant berries is a thousand-year tradition, thanks to the favorable climatic conditions and the fertility of the volcanic soils. We will take you to visit some of the best Castelli Romani wineries, with walks among the vineyards, visits to the winery, wine tastings with the producers, tastings of local products.


Wonders of Italy: authentic experiences among the treasures of central Italy

Italy enchants its visitors with its most classic and known destinations all over the world, but the whole peninsula shines with its small jewels of art, nature and culture. It is in fact the country with the largest number of sites recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. We have selected for you some of the most beautiful villages of central Italy, for a one-week full immersion in which there will be time to visit cities such as Rome and Florence,

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product by “Fability” and “Graffiti Sotto la Lente”; tour operator CCIA 795100 – Aut. Trib. Roma 4461/94