Wine•Bus Castelli Romani

A day of discovery in the Castelli Romani taking a close look at the most interesting wineries in the Frascati area, a few kilometres from Rome.
In the Castelli Romani the cultivation of vineyards and the processing of its tasty grapes is a millenary tradition favoured

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Wine on lips and heart: Wine Experience Tour in the Castelli Romani

The culture of wine, a love story whose origins are almost as ancient as the history of mankind. This passion has continued over the past five thousand years as a result of the commitment of women and men who have been able to combine ancient know-how and modern technology. This has always been appreciated by very demanding customers.

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A day trip exploring Rome countryside with a guided tour to some of the most interesting wine estates and Frascati leading producers.

Frascati and Castelli Romani produce highly appreciated wines and the area is worldwide acknowledged as a reference point for food and high quality wine!

Join us for a unique Wine Experience on the Ancient Appia Way… you will never forget it!

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product by “Fability” and “Graffiti Sotto la Lente”; tour operator CCIA 795100 – Aut. Trib. Roma 4461/94