A day trip exploring Rome countryside
with a guided tour to some of the most interesting
wine estates and Frascati leading producers.

Frascati and Castelli Romani produce
highly appreciated wines and the area is worldwide acknowledged
as a reference point for food and high quality wine!

Join us for a unique Wine Experience on the Ancient Appia Way… you will never forget it!

Booking Wine•Bus!

Daily experiences

Wine•Bus Castelli Romani

A day of discovery in the Castelli Romani taking a close look at the most interesting wineries in the Frascati area, a few kilometres from Rome.
In the Castelli Romani the cultivation of vineyards and the processing of its tasty grapes is a millenary tradition favoured…

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Nemi village: urban trekking with a strawberry breeze

Known worlwide as “the strawberry village”, Nemi can be distinguished for its unique position and landscape. We will begin our tour from the Tourist Information Point where we will meet our guide who will lead us through the peculiar alleys of this little town. We will learn about  local curiosities and walk through the delightful scents of freshly baked bread and pizza. Morevoer, we will explore sites of rare beauty with wonderful views overlooking the village, its surroundings and the sea.

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Wonders of Italy: authentic experiences among the treasures of central Italy

Italy enchants its visitors with its most classic and known destinations all over the world, but the whole peninsula shines with its small jewels of art, nature and culture. It is in fact the country with the largest number of sites recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. We have selected for you some of the most beautiful villages of central Italy, for a one-week full immersion in which there will be time to visit cities such as Rome and Florence,

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product by “Fability” and “Graffiti Sotto la Lente”; tour operator CCIA 795100 – Aut. Trib. Roma 4461/94